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Brief Description

The applet allows to construct the optimal solution of ANP and to calculate the drag coefficient Cx for the generatrix given by the user.

How to operate with the program

Main mode

applet screenshot

At the left side of the applet window the draw field is given, where it is possible to draw desirable generatrix by the mouse or the keyboard. On the generatrix the nodes (maked with circles) are placed. The node marked with the circle and by color is a selected one. Take the desirable node by the 'Tab' key ('Shift'+'Tab') or by mouse click on the node. To establish a new node, it is necessary to click by the mouse on the generatrix at a place distinctt from the existing nodes. Remember that the number of nodes is restricted. To remove some node, click on this node by the right mouse button. The first and the last nodes are undeletable. Moving the selected node is implemented by both the mouse (keeping the left button pressed) and the keyboard — cursor control keys.

To calculate the drug coefficient, push the "Calculate" button in the applet window or press 'C' key.

To construct the optimal solution, push the "Optimal" button in the applet window or press 'O' key.

Keyboard commands
Tab sequential select of nodes in the left-to-right direction
Shift+Tab sequential select of nodes in the right-to-left direction
Esc cansel of node selection
← → ↑ ↓ selected node moving
Shift+← Shift+→ Shift+↑ Shift+↓ fast moving the selected node
M m smoothing
C c drag coefficient calculation for the drawn generatrix
Home generatrix → stright line
PgDn generatrix → y=x0.46
PgUp generatrix → y=x0.75
O o End generatrix → Newton's solution
S s set "ISOMETRY" mode
Notion: the command are shown for the main applet version; some keys can be non-active in "shortened" versions.

Mouse commands
Click place Button Результат
near node left selection and moving a node
near node right deliting a node
around the curve left creation of a new node
around the curve right cancellation of a node selecting
on the work field, but out of the generatrix left smooth removing the whole curve to the click place
on the work field, but out of the generatrix right cancellation of a node selecting
"Calculate" button any drag coefficient calculation for current generatrix
"Smoothing" button any smoothing the whole curve or its part adjoining the selected node
"Optimal" button any constructing of the optimal solution
"ISOMETRY" button any pass to the mode of 3D-projection contruction

The main mode is only available for the ANPf_IAG_16t applet.


Сглаживание происходит по нажатию кнопки "Smoothing" или по нажатию клавиши 'M'. Для сглаживания используются эмпирические алгоритмы. При наличии выделенного узла происходит сглаживание только участка образующей, примыкающей к выделенному узлу. При отсутствии выделенного узла — сглаживается вся кривая. Алгоритм сглаживания крайних узлов отличается от алгоритма сглаживания внутренних узлов. При последовательном нажатии на "Smoothing" при отсутствии выделенных узлов степень сглаживания последовательно увеличивается.

Isometry mode

screenshot трехмерного режима апплета

Keyboard commands
G g Grid on/off
← → to turn the surface round the vertical axis
↑ ↓ moving the light source (for the atlermative coloring mode only)
C c on/off of the atlermative coloring mode
'1' '2' '3' '4' '5' '6' '7' '8' '9' color mode selection
any other key exit from the isometric mode

Applet versions

The main complete applet version — ANPf_IAG_16.

The shortened applet version (ANPf_IAG_16t) differs: by absence of the "ISOMETRY" mode, no selection of the color palette.

Applet-related links

Applet parameters

There is the example of HTML-fragment with all parameters:

<applet code=ANPf_IAG_15.class width=400 height=266>
<param name=NoOptimal value="any">
<param name=alt_color_model value="any">
<param name=stereo_color_met value=1>
<param name=bold_line value="any">
<param name=stereo_arc_num value=64>
<param name=work_field_color value="#CCFFFF">
<param name=edit_color value="#AA0000">
<param name=noedit_color value="#AA00FF">
<param name=node_color value="#550000">
<param name=shadow_color value="#FF5555">
<param name=axes_color value="#005555">
NoOptimal - presence of this parameter with any value make off "Optimal" button.
alt_color_model - presence of this parameter with any value make on the atlermative coloring mode for the "ISOMETRY" mode.
stereo_color_met - color mode selection for the "ISOMETRY" mode. Possible values are from 0 to 9. Default - 1.
bold_line - presence of this parameter with any value make thick line for the generatrix.
stereo_arc_num - accuracy for circle in the "ISOMETRY" mode. Possible values are from 6 to 128.
work_field_color - work field color. Default - black.
edit_color - generatrix color at editing. Default - yellow.
noedit_color - generatrix color after Cx calculation. Default - green.
node_color - selected node color. Default - red.
shadow_color - shadow color. Default - pink.
axes_color - coordinate axes color. Default - light gray.

Applet downloads

Для работы всех версий апплета, кроме класса с апплетом необходим класс IAGbutton.class .

JAVA classANPf_IAG_16.class (25K) - full applet version.

JAVA classANPf_IAG_16t.class (13K) - tiny (simplified) applet version (without "ISOMETRY" mode, for slow computers).

JAVA classIAGbutton.class (2.3K) - auxiliary class, it need for the both applet versions.

ZIP fileJAVA (21K) - архив, содержащий обе версии апплета и класс IAGbutton.

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