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Alexey G.

Last name:Ivanov
First name:Alexey
Date of Birth:May 21, 1967
Place of Birth:Sverdlovsk
Wife: Irishka Irina V.
Education:Higher (M.S.), Ural State University (1990)
Speciality:Mechanics and Applied Mathematics
Place of Work:Dynamical Systems Department, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics UrB RAS
Position:Research Scientist
Scientific Supervisor:Valerii S. Patsko
Scientific Interests:control of dynamical systems, numerical methods for ODEs, calculus of variations, differential games, parallel computing
My Personal Interests/Hobbies: computer, science fiction and fantasy books (F.Herbert, H.Harrison, I.Asimov, S.King, K.Bulychov, A.Clarke, Strugatski br.), good movies, bicycle, cars, ski, travels
Phones:+07 (3432)493-158, 493-234, 493-250, 244-043(home),,

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