Coprocession of Data from Several Radars for Determination of Systematic Errors in Azimuth and Range

Bedin, D., Fedotov, A.A., Ivanov, A.G., Patsko, V.S., Ganebniy, S.

The paper describes three approaches for solving the problem of estimation of systematic errors in radar measurements obtained from several overlapping observation domains. In the proposed approaches, neither one of the radars could be considered as a reference one. The systematic errors are determined by the processing of measurements of the radars due to informational redundancy in the radar data. The proposed methods can be used in computational information complexes of the air traffic control systems.

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Bedin D., Fedotov A.A., Ivanov A.G., Patsko V.S., Ganebniy S. Coprocession of Data from Several Radars for Determination of Systematic Errors in Azimuth and Range // The 55th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, Book of abstracts. P. ThL2T3.4.



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